Livingstone Intelligent, Natural, Thermal Stone Electric Heating.

Livingstone® Designer Radiators are specifically beautifully designed to replace the bulky, inefficient outdated storage heaters.

Behind every Livingstone® radiator is a brand new patented technology, designed to reduce the amount of energy needed, to have zero impact on the environment, achieve the higher quality standard. 

Recyclable, Sustainable, Eco-Design

Imagine a World where recycled materials are used in a ground-breaking new technological process where Architecture, Functionality, Design and respect for the environment are closely related. Only a sustainable philosophy can ensure the future for our children.

These are the values and principles that we believe so strongly, they are implemented into every aspect of these incredible products. Our mission is to take care of you and your future generations, by heating the environment where you live with the style, culture and creativity that you expect from Italian design.


Welcome to the World of Natural Heating.
Your perfect Comfort and quality of life are the results of our passion for
continuous heating design innovation.

Natural raw materials


Livingstone® Heating are made using totally natural Recycled materials, such as marble and adding agglomerated with patented natural additives. There are 24 amazing colours to choose from and all the paints used are completely water based.

Patented technology


The Livingstone® Electric Thermal Stone Radiators are the result of research and innovative, patented technology.
This incredible handcrafted heating system is made with meticulous attention to the finest detail to the highest Stadards.

Designer Thermal Stone Radiators

Livingstone® Designer radiators don’t control you, they let you be in control with
our simple to use Innovative Heating Management System.
Livingstone® Designer Radiators accumulates the introduced heat and releases it “Gently”
into the rooms, thanks to the inertia of the thermal stone.
A Powerful emitter of Radiant Heat just like the Sun, without any loss of energy.

Discover our exceptional Innovative Thermal Stone Heating ranges,
Electric Heating System.


Thermal Stone Radiators.

Learn more about our Thermal Stone Radiators Range, new Eco HEATING SOLUTIONS, including Easystone, Stripe, Gransasso and Frosk. Livingstone Designer radiators represent the Italian quality, style and efficiency. This unique collection of aesthetically decorative and eco design radiators will echante any Home.

Warmstone Radiator Ranges

Learn more about our Warmstone Radiator Ranges, including Venus, EcoDry and E-Touch. Available in a vaste choice of attractive finishes in 24 colours, these electric designer radiators are a real stylish statement in any room of your property. All our Electric Central Heating are supplied with a complete Installation kit, a great option for properties or homes without access to gas.


Bespoke Designer Thermal Radiators.

Livingstone Electric Heating is an incredible Customisable electric radiator product, combining the heating function with functional interior design. Our Designer Thermal Radiators can be made in any shape and size. You’re a Blank Canvas, Switch on your Imagination.

Fully compatible with Photovoltaic Panels.

Livingstone® electric radiators range are designed specifically to be used with renewable energy sources, photovoltaic solar system. All the Designer electric radiators in the Livingstone Heating ® range include an accurate digital room thermostat – programmer that can be schedued weekly, for every 24 hours in a day. Livingstone Heating are manufactured to PassiveHous standard to increase thermal efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint.

Easy to install with a standard 3 pins plug.

Livingstone® designer electric radiators can be installed anywhere in a few minutes, Homes, Offices, Church, Bars, Hotels, Conversions, Flats, Shops, Holiday homes, Period Property. The designer heater is securely fixed to the wall with two patented brackets, and the energy is received from the electrical power supply by connecting the wires into a normal fuse spur or socket.
Affordable Heating, Energy & Design Radiators From £ 499 !

Sweet dreams

You will sleep perfectly, as Livingstone® Heating silently regulates the amount of heat needed in any Room or Zones. With the “night mode” you can reduce energy consumption during the night-time hours in bedrooms and in rooms that are not being used.Call Our Technical Advisors on 0844 272 4342 (Local Rate).

Eco Design Radiators
Eco Heating Control
Italian Quality Style
Energy Efficiency

With Livingstone Heating® it is easy to reduce your energy costs,
thanks to the use of intelligent, high technology, digital control system.
Bespoke Designer Thermal Radiators are our Speciality. Get a Free Genuine, Expert Advice Today.

Call Our Technical Advisors on 0844 272 4342 (Local rate)