Living Stone Radiant Heating

Imagine a world…

Where recycled materials are used in a ground-breaking new technological process where architecture, functionality, design and respect for the environment are closely related.  Only a sustainable philosophy can ensure the future for our children.

These are the values and principles that we believe so strongly, they are implemented into every aspect of these incredible products. Our mission is to take care of you and your future generations, by heating the environment where you live with the style, culture and creativity that you expect from Italian design.

Your perfect comfort and high quality of life are the results of our passion for continuous innovation.


Your perfect comfort and high quality of life are the results of our passion for continuous innovation.

Natural raw materials


Livingstone® is made using totally natural materials, such as marble and adding agglomerated with water. There are 24 amazing colours to choose from and all the paints used are completely water based.

Patented technology


The Livingstone® radiant panels; are the result of research and innovative, patented technology. This incredible system re-utilises a waste product from the marble cutting process, marble powder, which is agglomerated with a water based acrylic bond.

Designer Electric Radiators

Livingstone® accumulates the introduced heat and releases it “gently” into the environment, thanks to the inertia of the stone. The system accumulates energy from a renewable source, such as photovoltaic solar panels during the day, and releases it “gently” until the evening.

Fully compatible with photovoltaic panels

Livingstone® is designed specifically to be used with renewable energy sources. It uses clean, free energy electricity from any photovoltaic system. All the electric and hybrid products in the Livingstone® range include a room thermostat that can be programmed weekly, for every 24 hours in a day. This intelligent thermostat adjusts the temperature for comfort, and automatically uses energy from the photovoltaic system when it is available. The thermostat has a cable input that receives information when the system is producing sufficient energy.

Easy to install with a standard plug

Livingstone® designer electric radiators can be installed anywhere in a few minutes. The heater is fixed to the wall with two brackets, and the energy is received from the electrical power supply by connecting the plug into a normal socket.

Sweet dreams

You will sleep perfectly, as Livingstone® silently regulates the amount of heat needed in the room. With the “night mode” you can reduce consumption during the night-time hours in bedrooms and in rooms that are not being used.


Complete control of Energy consumption

Livingstone® has a simple but precise control system that autonomously manages the delivered power, based on the specific momentary thermal load of the room, to achieve maximum comfort with reduced energy costs.

With Livingstone® it is easy to reduce your energy costs, thanks to the use of intelligent high technology cables with different load intensities. This means that you can have a customised heating system based on the specific energy class of your home.

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Designs for KIDS

Living stone Heating is an incredible customisable product: Any image can be printed on the panel surface upon request. This means that you can transform your radiant electric heating into a beautiful piece of art, with whatever picture you chose; combining the heating function with functional interior design.