Livingstone Radiant Heating,
Thermal Stone Electric Heating.

Livingstone® Designer Radiators an ultra efficient, natural radiant thermal stone heating solution, beautifully designed to deliver aesthetics, comfort and efficiency, replacing inefficient outdated storage heaters with beautiful modern electric radiators.

Easy to install | Affordable | Maintenance free
Recyclable | Sustainable | Eco-Design

Discover our exceptional Innovative Designer Radiators ranges |
Electric Heating System | Bespoke Radiators | Vertical Radiators

venus bespoke designer radiators

Bespoke Designer Electric Radiators.

Livingstone Electric Radiator offers a visually stunning and fully customisable electric radiator product, combining leading heating functionality and efficiency with utilitarian bespoke interior design.

Warmstone Electric Radiator Ranges.

Learn more about our Warmstone Radiator Ranges, including the Venus, EcoDry and E-Touch. Available in a choice of attractive finishes and a full 24 colour palette, these radiant electric radiators will make a stylish statement in any room of your property. 

warmstone radiators range | Electric Central Heating systems easy and fast to install

ThermalStone Radiators.

Learn more about our Thermal Stone Electric Radiator Range, including the Easystone, Gransasso and Frosk. Available in a full palette of colours, the Thermal Stone range provides elegance and efficiency in equal measures.


Imagine a World where marble, stone materials are used in a ground-breaking new technological process where Architecture, Functionality, Design and respect for the environment are all intertwined. At Livingstone Heating we believe in delivering a sustainable philosophy through real world products to offer our children the best of futures.

Natural raw materials


Livingstone® Heating are made using totally natural Recycled materials, such as marble and stone adding agglomerated with patented natural additives. There are 24 amazing colours to choose from and all the paints used are completely water based.

Patented technology


The Livingstone® Electric Thermal Stone Radiators are the result of research and innovative, patented technology.
This incredible handcrafted heating system is made with meticulous attention to the finest detail to the highest Stadards.

Designer Thermal Stone Radiators

With Livingstone® Designer radiators you are kept in control of your heating experience through our simple to use Innovative Heating Management System.
The patented composition of the Livingstone® Designer Radiator enables it accumulate the introduced heat and releases it “Gently” into the rooms, thanks to the inertia of the thermal stone, this both minimises energy consumption and maximises user comfort.
This creates a powerful emitter of Radiant Heat, which just like the Suns rays ,will give you a comfortable and natural feeling of warmth, for minimal energy consumption.

Delighted to be nominated for the House Beautiful Awards | Best heating category


Bespoke Electric Radiators are our speciality, and we will work with you to find the best solution for your home and your heating needs!
Call Our Technical Heating Advisors on 0844 272 4342 (Local rate)

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