As a qualified and accredited Electrical Contractor, your role in the local community for homeowners and businesses is vital for the economic balance between the domestic and commercial property markets in your area.

With the work you currently do in the field of electric central heating; sometimes the cheapest product on the market is not always the best product to specify for every customer and this letter is to give you the information about to broadening your range and increasing your commission profits, with absolutely no additional outlay.

Livingstone Electric Radiators are causing a Revolution

As you already know the 15-year portfolio, of Livingstone Heating ranges have for many years served the affordable and maintenance free heating systems to replace storage heaters and in places where Gas is not available. But now the IntelliHeat designers have just launched a brand new range of RADIANT HEAT radiators.

Brand New Carbon Free Recycled Rads

For 2 years now, we have been working on an incredible brand new Thermal Stone heating system just launched by us in the UK that is causing a revolution in the heating Industry.

Our existing Approved Contractors cannot cope with the incoming demand and we are therefore looking for GOOD ACCREDITED & EXPERIENCED Contractors in some of the major Towns & Cities to be our APPROVED INSTALLER for the new Livingstone heating systems.


We are particularly keen to find a Contractor in: Birmingham, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Leeds, Reading, Oxford, Portsmouth, Norwich and Brighton, and many other cities.

Eco Friendly & Carbon Zero

Livingstone is a totally Carbon Zero heating system, made from waste marble dust from factory cutting, and reconstituted using a Patented agglomerating water into WARMSTONE TEXTURED RADIATORS that deliver RADIANT HEAT in a choice of 24 natural stone colours and textures.

Reserve All Enquiries for Your Town or City


They are ALSO fully compatible with Photovoltaic Panels. Please have a look at the pictures and contact us quickly by phone or email if you would us to reserve all the enquiries in your Town, for you, as one of our nationwide network of Approved Installers for this range of products. You will be expected to attend a FREE One Day Training, so please contact us to talk to us about your local area & further details.