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Electric Heating is Changing

Creative Radiators® is exploring new kind of form and function. Developed using a revolutionary and environmentally friendly ‘cold technology’, both form and function combine to create a new kind of functional ART.

livingstone creative heating design with a first photography
Built for You

Designed to a shape and size that fulfils your exact heating requirements, with a choice of natural stone finish and 24 beautiful colours.

Pietra-electric-creative-radiators-with-IPX4-rating in-the-bathroom

Pure Heating Innovation

Creative Radiators® is pure INNOVATION: the application of a better solution to meet new requirements designed to fulfill every principle of a CIRCULAR ECONOMY.


Our ‘Electric Radiators Made to Measure’ has been featured in
several Glossy Magazines and Newspapers Editorials.

Radiators Designed for Fashionista’s

Formula One style high-quality product. Created by skilled, artisan craftsmanship to produce a competitive high quality product, using the best materials and patented energy zero technology.

Bespoke Designer Radiators

You can transform your radiant electric heating into a beautiful piece of art, with whatever picture you chose, combining the heating function with functional interior design.

Warmth in 24 different Colours.

24 Colours, Form and function that are Beautiful to look at, interesting to touch, and comfortable to enjoy, as it creates warmth and Wellbeing your surroundings.


Our Heating solutions are personally designed by a technical heating expert for factories, offices, shops, hotels, and restaurants; as well as House build contracts, single new builds and community housing stock refurbish.

Ask us for details:

Creative Radiators Ltd
18 Napier Place, Stephenson Way
Thetford, Norfolk,
IP24 3RL  England – UK

E: info@livingstoneheating.co.uk
P: 01842 338089

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  • livingstone radiant electric heating

    Form and function that is beautiful to look at, interesting to touch, and comfortable to enjoy, as it creates warmth and wellbeing your surroundings.

    The only thing left to change, is your imagination…