Quite simply, yes!

Old electric storage or panel heaters can be wildly inefficient, not only using far more power than an electric heating system, but also costing much more than is necessary.

Nowadays though, more and more people are turning to electric central heating due to some great technological and design advancements over the last couple of years, making these systems far more attractive and energy efficient than ever before.

Electricity stands today more convincingly than ever as the energy efficient, low carbon, future-proof heating system of choice.  As the industry evolves, so too do the products. Livingstone creative heating with a showroom in Norfolk, these designer radiators have to be seen to be fully appreciated.

The running cost savings come from three key technological advancements: firstly the patented core elements inside each radiator drastically reduce the energy consumption.  Not just a pretty face, the ‘brain’ of a NEEDO radiator is an advanced intelligent thermostat comprising of the highest quality components which precisely regulate the amount of energy needed in a controlled – and controllable – manner.

Secondly, the measuring of energy usage via a wireless Smart home app control programmer and thirdly, the ability to create ‘heating zones’.

Zoning is the principle of dividing a house into distinct areas in which the homeowner and his family have different living needs.  Each individual radiator becomes it’s own unique programmable system.

The radiant electric radiators can be used to supplement or replace any fossil fuelled or old electric storage heating system.  There is no plumbing required for installation and the systems are maintenance free.  They are as quick and simple as plug in and turn on.

The complete range is comprehensive and boasts towel rails and radiators in varying sizes and styles to suit all rooms.  You can begin to sample the benefits of a Livingstone Heating radiator just by supplementing odd rooms in your home that need additional heating at just certain times of the day, such as a home office or bathroom – finally achieve maximum comfort with minimum energy.

See the benefits for yourself before you invest in a whole system or go green in a day and transform your entire home with the modern futuristic comfort that you will wish you’d had years ago.

FROSK Livingstone electric eco heating