Bespoke electric radiators a revolutionary new electric heating system that offers a remote, wireless controlled radiator in each and every room of the house without pipes has been launched in the UK. Controlling Energy Costs, save money, go green! 

In line with government targets and directives Livingstone creative heating have invested in product developments that respect the environment and energy cost savings for everyone.

Livingstone creative heating radiators are perfect for any room of your property, offices and conservatories since they offer straight-forward installation, responsive heat delivery and economic running costs.

The company, which is marketing its systems as the ‘cuddly heating’, has created a storm in the marketplace with its bespoke radiators, which can run for 12 hours off just three hours of electricity input.

The radiators are perfect as independent heaters and brilliant when installed in one or more rooms of a property – all they require is a fused, five to13 amp, wall socket and a wall bracket, which is supplied with the product. They are particularly suited to homeowners looking for something stylish, efficient and bespoke.

Livingstone designer Electric Radiators installUsers can programme three temperature settings at any time – comfort, setback and frost protection. The remote wireless control unit can programme individually each radiator, increase or decrease room temperature and tells users in real time how much energy each radiator is using and how much they are costing to run.

Not only is the system quick and easy to fit, it is easy to use and surprisingly affordable and environmentally friendly. “Our technology means that only the exact energy required is used. Efficiency is greatly increased when a home is divided into zones, which means Livingstone heating is ‘greener’ than other heating sources and can reduce energy bills by up to 30% in comparison with inflexible bulky storage heater systems and inefficient non Building Regulations Part L compliant electric panel heaters,

For anyone who is environmentally aware it really is a hugely innovative and exciting product.