What can we do for Architects and Specifiers?

We have a range of designer radiators that are so advanced that they are incomparable with any of our competitors.  “Well that’s all very nice, but how is that going to benefit Architects?”  You ask yourself.  First take a look at our existing range of Livingstone Marble Radiatorshttp://livingstoneheating.co.uk/home/ranges/designs-for-kids/.

These are some of our ‘bespoke’ range of designer radiators.  But now consider this!  You could sit down with a pencil and pad and draw up your very own design for a radiator.  Or you can give us a design and we will put it on a radiator for you.  Then we can produce this for you

Can you imagine specifying a “Work-of-Art” that is actually a radiator?

Our Designer Thermal Radiators can be made in any shape and size. You’re a Blank Canvas, Switch on your Imagination.

Livingstone Bespoke electric designer radiatorsDesigner radiators

livingstone heating build with Recyclable materials

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