How to Choose Heating for Children’s Nurseries, Designs for KIDS, Bespoke Designer Radiators

Heating for Children’s Day Care, Nurseries or Baby’s Room needs careful thought and planning. Everything must be perfect, must be safe, fit for purpose, and look bright attractive and child friendly. 

Safe and Eco-Friendly
It must also be able to reach the required temperature quickly and efficiently, with little or no carbon emissions and removing any risk of CO poisoning is vital when planning for very young children, who cannot talk to say they feel ill. Choosing a heating system with an ecologically bio-friendly fuel usage and manufacturing process shows your social responsibility to the parents looking at placing their precious children within your care.

Wall Space is always a consideration
Wall space from floor to waist height will be used up very quickly in rooms for babies and very young children, because of the amount of equipment that is needed for them. Cots, Cribs, changing tables, Cupboards for blankets and play equipment, all these will need wall space, and you only have four of them.  Take out the space taken by windows and doors, and you will find that wall space from floor to waist height will be at a premium,

Livingstone Heating Can Easily Achieve All This
100% Recycled: Every Livingstone Heating electric radiator has been made from 100% recycled products, marble dust, which is a waste product that is reconstituted into radiant heating radiators, using a completely ‘cold technology’. That means not one single machine, generator, or engine is used to make them, so they are Carbon – Zero products.

They use renewable green energy, either from the National Grid, or from any Solar Panels that you already have on your building, making them eco-friendly and free of any CO emissions from using any fossil fueled boiler.

They reach your desired temperature very fast – which is important when you have young children and babies who cannot regulate their own body temperatures. In fact, Every Livingstone Radiator will reach within 0.2 degrees of your chosen temperatures, so there is no need for you to constantly check your thermostats and room temperature gauge.

They will switch off by themselves when the desired temperature is reached, so you don’t have to keep worrying whether you need to turn the boiler off or on all day long.

The best part of Livingstone Heating radiators, is that they don’t need to take up valuable floor level wall space. Because they need just 2 brackets to hang, and any standard plug socket to plug into, they can be mounted ABOVE the level of all your equipment, so at waist to head height on the wall.

The radiant heat they deliver will warm up the people and things in the room extremely efficiently, much better than the old fashioned convection heat radiators, that just heat up the air, which then rises to the ceiling.

If you are renovating a Day Nursery, or have been commissioned to design one; then you must look at before you make your decisions… If you want to know more #livingstoneheating #designerradiators, #Bespoke #DesignerRadiators

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