Electric Radiators and towel warmer have evolved in the last few years, especially in Britain with Designs, styles and functions. We have come long since the basic white radiator.  At Livingstone Creative Heating we are thriving to design the latest technology, state of the art designs giving that wow factor to keep the trend and advancement up to date.

Products that have been designed in Britain, customers can therefore enjoy greater control and better communication.  Rather than Purchasing a mass produced products hat can be found in any residential property, British design and manufacturing are proud that products are created with highly skilled, specialist craft men’s and further more, tailored to customers requirements. Tailored consultations have proved a notable shift towards custom design, unique taste which have enabled the market to experience with different materials, technology, techniques and finishing touches.

Britain designing products like LIVINGSTONE Heating enables them to push boundaries to the designs and manufacturing including experiencing with different raw materials and techniques.This has safeguarded LIVINGSTONE Heating’s future as leader in innovative design and developing homeland manufacture.  Not only we are confident that the design radiator being purchased meet highest standards of quality, but delivery times are often reduce too.  If there are any issues with an order, this is easier to trace how far along the manufacturing line the product is and when it is being distributed.

You ak is it safe that the “designed/made in Britain” still carries prestige in the U.K. And overseas territories, where the British panache for the highest design is renowned thus is the in Europe where British goods have always been appreciated.  We believe that quality raw materials Britain has to offer the heating market has been fundamental to resurgence British design, furnishing he consumer with different quality options that have influenced and improves the performance of designer electric radiators today .

Marble and Stone are incredibly versatile and durable materials when used for the manufacture of quality heating solutions, both suitable for connection to open and closes heating systems.

KIDS LUNA Livingstone electric heating

KIDS LUNA Livingstone electric heating