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How it Works

Electric Heating Eco-Design.

SUSTAINABILITY is the purpose and meaning of the Creative Radiators range: Our Heating Products must fulfill their required purpose in the most energy efficient manner, and are produced through a carbon neutral process,  always respecting the environment, and drawing on a circular economy to maximise the potential of every element that goes into our heater. We believe in positive consideration of our impact on our, and our children’s planet.

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Eco Technology.

Creative Radiators products are forged from 100% recycled materials, and produced using an environmentally friendly ‘cold technology’. These products are a combination of both form and function, delivering a revolutionary creation, sustainable and efficient bespoke functional ART. The product is further made to the highest standards and all our Radiators come with a 5 years guarantee.

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Life Cycle Thinking.

Pure INNOVATION designed to fulfil the principles of a CIRCULAR ECONOMY: maintaining products, components & materials at their highest utility and value at all times, distinguishing between technical and biological cycles.

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Eco Heat Control.

The whole structure of our electric heater uses revolutionary technology to deliver RADIANT HEAT. The patented agglomerate used to create each electric radiator has been developed specifically to maximise heat transference and retention properties. The heat itself is regulated through a highly responsive sensor that controls the precise unit temperature and ensures distribution is universally spread across the entire heater surface area. Each element is designed and associated to guarantee the ideal technical conditions for the production and distribution of efficient and effective radiant heating.

livingstone creative heating Uk eco heating


Traditional radiators transfer heat to the environment by circulating the air from lower areas to upper areas of the room. This phenomenon is known as convection. Unfortunately convection also causes the circulation of dust, which transports mould, bacteria or dust mites, promoting the onset of allergies in sensitive individuals. Creative Radiators ® uses radiation to transfer heat directly from the surface of the radiator without convection, making it the ideal ally  against allergies. Furthermore radiant heat delivers warmth and comfort directly, just like the sun . The temperature is uniform across the entire radiator surface and is transferred directly to the room. An even, uniform  temperature in the room and a sensation of well-being: this is Creative Radiators’s secret.

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Italian Quality Style.

Creative Radiators® is a Zero kilometre product: All materials and components are transformed within a small network of companies within Northern Italy, who work together to create this Formula One style high-quality product. Created by skilled, artisan craftsmanship to produce a sustainable high quality product, using the best materials and processes to deliver this patented zero waste system.

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Thermal Stone Heating Technology
How it works & Benefits.

At the end of their useful life, Creative Radiators ® Heating products can be recycled and crushed by means of mechanical compression. The crushed material can then be reused in other areas and in other applications in powder form. Livingstone® employs a new circular method of using materials. All constituent parts flow through the various applications, companies and products and are then recycled into other products. During this circular transition, the quantity of energy used is minimal.

Natural Radiant Heat Explained:

Radiant Heating don’t heat up the ceiling of your property, the thermal radiant heat is transferred directly, horizontally to the body in the rooms, just like the Sun, a stable even distribution of heat. With NO moving parts that can go wrong, you gain a greater durability and lifespan. With normal radiators you need to sit within 2 metres of them, to feel the heat. The further away you are, the less warm you will feel. This is because CONVECTION heat works by sucking in cool air under the radiator, heating it up and then forcing out the warmed up air at the top, which then rises to the ceiling, cools down, and then falls again, to be re-heated.

By comparison, the sun which is 93 million miles away, can warm you up lying on a beach by using a completely different method. It uses radiant heat, which is transported via WAVES to warm up objects – including people – without needing to heat up all the oxygen around them. Radiant heat waves travel THROUGH the oxygen and air, to reach things and directly warm instead of dissipating its heat by warming up the air around them. 

Creative Radiators® uses exactly this method which is known as Radiant Heat. The temperature is uniform across the entire electric radiator surface and is then transferred directly to the room via heat waves, just like the sun. 

The physical process of radiant heat waves means heat will efficiently and effectively be transferred in every direction of the room. This gives you a uniform temperature in the room and a sensation of comfortable well-being, rather like lying under the sun on the beach; and this is the Livingstone Heating secret…

The manufacturing process we use to do this is new and groundbreaking, because it is totally ‘energy free’. There are no machines used at all, as everything is done by hand in a cold process using a revolutionary agglomerating water. It is so unique and original, that we now own the Patent on this procedure.
At the end of the life the product it is again completely recyclable with a cold process turning it back into its original state of marble dust and the process can then begin again.

Easy to Install
Creative Radiators ® are very simple to install in any position vertically or horizontally on walls. Straightforward, Everything you need is in the Box, every radiators comes with connecting 3 cores wires, patented sleek brackets (3 cm from the wall), fixings template and accessories. Livingstone® can be used efficiently in any environment because of its robust construction, its total resistance to humidity with IPX4 protection, and is completely free of all emissions. No need for CO alarms. You can use it safely and efficiently in the kitchen, in the dining room, in the bedroom, in the bathroom, in a basement, shed, garage and even in the cellar.

The impact on ecology is zero. It is totally carbon-free and has a zero impact on the environment, while creating a fully positive impact on people’s lifestyle, wellbeing and creative culture. It has a useful function to create heat and warmth, delivering a radiant heat into any property, whether domestic or commercial.


It has an aesthetic quality of form that is pleasing to the eye, is as beautiful to touch as natural stone, and has an artistic property where any picture can be printed onto its bespoke surface. The entire range can be personalised to suite your rooms decor. This means that you can have a copy of your favourite work of art hanging on the wall, that functions as a working electric or wet system radiator, keeping you warm and comfortable, in the appearance of a serene piece of natural stone, or a famous Master painting hanging on the wall.

imq certifications

IMQ is Europeean’s most important certification body and a leader in conformity assessments and laboratory tests for the electrical, electronic, gas and energy industries.

OUR SAFETY BS STANDARDS ARE: EN60335-1, NEW  E.N. 60335, EN60335-2-30, EN 60335-2-43, EN60675

  •     EN60335-1 “Hosehold and similar electric appliances – Safety General Requirements”
  •     Fully complying with the NEW  E.N. 60335 – 1  Acoustic & Visual signal for impaired when switching On & Off.
  •    EN60335-2-30 “Particular requirements for room electric heaters”
  •  EN 60335-2-43: “Particular requirements for clothes dryers and towel rails”
  • EN60675:”Household electric direct-acting room heaters: Methods for measuring performance”

All our Radiators come with a 5 years Guarantee.


Fully compatible with Photovoltaic Panels. Creative Radiators® are designed specifically to be used with Photovoltaic Solar Systems. All the Designer electric radiators in the LCreative Radiators ® range include an accurate smart PV energy manager that monitors in-house usage and PV power production to divert, control all the available power to the electric radiators.

Something is changing.

Pure innovation applied in a solution that meets new requirements.Ecological consideration based on
principles of circular economy Interesting to touch, beautiful to look at and comfortable to enjoy.


Creative Radiators ® is exploring new kind of form and function. Developed from totally recycled materials using an environmentally friendly ‘cold technology’, both form and function combine in a revolutionary way that creates a new kind of ART.


Thermal Stone Electric Radiators.
Creating warmth in 24 different Colours.

Colours, Form and function that are Beautiful to look at, interesting to touch, and comfortable to enjoy, as it creates warmth and Wellbeing your surroundings.