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    Our Electric Designer Radiators Ranges

    A revolutionary electric heating solution.

Electric Radiators ranges, Innovative Thermal Stone Heating system VIDEO

Learn more about our Designer Electric Radiators Ranges.

  • Bespoke Designer Electric Radiators.

    Learn more about our Bespoke Designer Radiators, an incredible Customisable electric radiator product.

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  • Stone Radiant Ranges

    Learn more about our Beautiful Stone Radiant Ranges:
    Marmo, Pietra, Curve and Natura.

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  • Warmstone Radiator Ranges

    Learn more about our Warmstone Radiator Ranges: Venus, EcoDry and E-Touch.

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Radiant Heating Patented Technology

Fully compatible with photovoltaic panels. These products have been specifically designed to be used with fully renewable energy sources Our Electric Radiant Radiators can use clean, free energy from a photovoltaic system. All our electric heating ranges include a digital room thermostat that can be programmed weekly, for 24 hours in a day,

This intelligent thermostat easily and automatically adjusts the temperature for comfort, and uses energy from your photovoltaic system whenever it is available. The thermostat has an intelligent cable input to receive information every time your system is producing sufficient energy.