Bespoke Designer Electric Radiators

  • livingstone creative electric heating design | bespoke electric radiators
  • VENUS bespoke electric central heating pictured in a living room
  • KIDS LUNA Livingstone electric heating
  • designer natural stone radiators | flexible can be moulded into any shapes | a very heat efficient material.

Electric Designer Radiators.
Our Designer Thermal Radiators can be made to any shape and size.

Transform your room into a warm, welcoming heating space with Livingstone Heating’s designer natural radiant thermal stone heating solution. Providing the perfect combination of stylish bespoke Italian interior design with highly efficient electric heating technology and all of this for an affordable product cost and very cost effective installation. This high quality bespoke heating system will provide make you reconsider everything you thought you knew about wall mounted electric radiators.

Any image can be printed on the Radiator upon request, meaning the heater can truly be a work of art in your front room!

The Livingstone Heating solution that will give your rooms a unique touch. Playful forms, original subjects and maximum customisation, distinguish this product to make your home unique.

Send us a picture, a painting, or a print, and with a small extra charge, you can have your own customised child-friendly bespoke radiator.