Warmstone Radiator Ranges

All our Electric Central Heating systems are easy and fast to install which means minimal installation costs, and of course no need for pipework or gas!

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Natural Radiant Heating

An environmentally friendly system for drying towels that is available in different finishes, enabling it to blend in with any environment. Marmo represents evolution towards an elegant and cultured existence. It expresses ecological innovation using Creative Radiators patented materials and technology.

Cost-Saving Heating Systems

Is an environmentally friendly system for drying towels. The huge choice of different finishes means that it will fit perfectly with any environment and blend in naturally with your existing style of decor. But the best thing about it is that it switches on at a touch, and intelligently turns itself off to minimise any chance of electricity wastage.

electric radiators, bathroom towel rails accessories By Creative Radiators

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  • Pietra-electric-creative-radiators-with-IPX4-rating in-the-bathroom

venusDesigner Bespoke Radiators.

An elegant electric radiant radiator that fully expresses the potential and versatility of Creative Radiators technology. The forms and dimensions of our heaters can be fully customised, a true revolution in the market place. A real designer Inspiration.

Creative Radiators® is a Bespoke customisable Radiator: an image can be printed on the panel surface upon request. This makes it possible to transform a designer Radiator into a picture, an element that combines the heating function with Interior Design.