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Creative Radiators strive for the perfect balance between form and function.
Our radiators work on any normal electric tariff.

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Read a few authentic electric radiant heater installation reviews, discover the green eco-friendly heating solution.

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A Typical electric radiators Installation day:

  • Once the Heating plans have been sent to you the contractor will organise supply and installation.

  • Our experienced contractor will arrive on time, To install your new Creative Radiators full system.
    Each electric radiator is fixed to the wall with two brackets After secure on any kind of wall.

  • Then the radiator is connected into a Fuse Spur Socket and switched on to test.
    COMMISSIONING of the electric heating system, The Engineer will explain exactly how the programmer and the radiators, zoning controls work before he goes.

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livingstone-creative-heatingwe asked creative Radiators to create art on our blank walls, and they did. we choose from our favourite image and our interiors in 5 hours was transformed into works of art.

Livingstone designer Electric Radiators install the trained engineer arrived just in time and replaced my old inefficient storage heating with the white easystone 1000w. Also very knowledgeable on the commissioning and programming of the thermostat. very happy  with the service.

livingstone designer radiators installationWell trained Engineers arrived on time and replaced my old storage heating with Livingstone Easystone Heating in less than a day. Great service and really fast. highly recommend this company to anyone considering electric radiators, based near Cambridge, they answer the phone with real people & are very knowledgeable with answers to all my questions.

testimonial livingstone heatingAbsolutely love it! Looks stunning.Not cheap but worth every penny. I will be buying some more for another property. The Livingstone Heating Was supplied to replace storage heaters.

Livingstone bespoke electric radiators, electric heating system installation  I used Sergio from powerserg installations, he has done all the electrics in my new home I had the bungalow rewired electric storage heaters took out Livingstone creative heating put in. Sergio PowerSerg Installations | Authorised Qualified Trained Installer in Swadlincote Darbyshire,

Bespoke curve electric radiators | made to measure heated towel rails and towel radiators – Thanks very much, looking good and the tenants are very happy with how nice and warm it is already! Inspiring Electrics Carharrack | Authorised Qualified Trained Installer in Cornwall,

testimonial livingstone heating

Very stylish electric radiators and very easy to use thermostat box, and organised the whole delivery perfectly, i am a very happy customer and would definately buy from them again,


Very Impressed The service provided from this company has been perfect from day one, Good communication, quick delivery system and very informative about their heating products. Looks great and works well, very powerful heaters regarding how much little wattage power they use.

 Would recommend this company and their heaters. Excellent service. Prompt delivery. No high pressure sales techniques.

 Good product, Very economical to run, I only wish I had bought ALL Easystone instead of buying two of the aluminium version. Waiting 3 weeks for the delivery.