Heating plan calculation.

We provide expert advice on every aspect and at every stage of your project. unlike cheaper products on the market we are not a e-shop online, based in a bedroom.

When buying a electric radiator, it is of fundamental importance to verify the quality of its electronics. Efficient temperatures adjustment ensures maximum comfort and minimum energy consumption thus reducing electricity bills.

Choosing an electric heating system with little inaccurate temperature adjustment capacity is very counter-productive due to running costs. As time goes by it will cause energy waste, high Co2 emission and generate higher consumption with respect to our high quality digital LCD thermostats and wireless programmer.

Our experienced teams can help you to create high quality developments that meet Uk legislative, client safety, social and environmental requirements throughout the heating project.

Our heating experts will help you to design fit-for-purpose, energy efficient electric heating that are comfortable, secure and affordable to run. We can advise on your heating requirements for domestic, business, Housing or commercial premises, giving you practical and honest advice based on our own extensive 16 years experience.

We also offer advice on ‘affordable smart home’ technologies, such as energy consumption, remote energy monitoring, wifi electric heating control. Livingstone Creative Heating offers a very unique evolved multizone controlled programming and monitoring system, within seconds the App gives you full control of your electric central heating at the simple touch of a button.

livingstone electric heating thermostatAll our innovative eco-friendly Electric heating are fully compliant with both EU and UK higher standards .  Happy customers are the reason behind our success, your satisfaction is the most important thing to us and you should find the process from initial Free consultation through to project hand-over affordable and completely hassle free.

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