electric radiators with Green credentials

The field of application for recycled materials in the building sector is
becoming increasingly broad, this is mainly thanks to the responsible and
ecological approach adopted by certain companies within the manufacturing industry.

The traditions of pre-modern societies, developed over generations, were
based on the need for parsimony in the use of resources. This was obtained by intelligent techniques and suitable materials. Such phenomenon also occurred in the field of indoor heating.
Roman hypocausts used the principle of radiation, a way of transmitting heat that is rational, healthy and economical. In recent years, heat transmission techniques adopting radiation systems have seen substantial development by harking back to ancient teachings such as the hypocaust system of the Roman baths.

Livingstone Heating has adopted this very technique to develop a system of radiant panels made of marble dust that are the product of an integrated
green manufacturing strategy which delivers sustainability and efficiency
throughout its life cycle, from production and use through to disposal.

Livingstone Designer radiators are the result of years of research based on
innovative and patented technology.
Their components are natural, and the process recycles powdered stone, a
waste product of the marble-cutting process, that is mixed with water and
natural bonding agents. The electric radiators are painted with a
water-based surface coat for protection and are manufactured in cold
production phases, a procedure that reduces energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.
Moreover, these electric radiators are designed to be fully recycled and
crushed at the end of their lifespan. Each Livingstone electric radiant
panel will end its life as raw materials for other products involved in this
circular economy!