In the past, it has been difficult to understand heating systems, primarily because they were difficult to install and needed maintaining too.  There has also been the issue of cost.  The public rightly considered them as expensive.  Storage heaters were bulky, inefficient and costly too.  You had the heat when you didn’t need it and no heating when you wanted it.

Livingstone Heating offer you a product line that is “Out of the box”, “Easy to Install”, “Plug-n-Play”, that requires no maintenance or special skills to install.  Because of our patented technology we use, we have drastically reduced the running costs too.

“In a nutshell” This range of designer electric radiators is “State-of-the-Art” and we can design them to look exactly how you would like them to look.  We will keep ‘Your’ design exclusive to you.  It will not be able to be bought in any other store.

Our range of electric radiators start with a “No-Frills” general workhorse through to total luxury bespoke radiators

Here are some of the benefits our electric heating systems can offer

  • No need for a qualified electrician to install them.
  • No pipes or plumbing
  • You can install 1 x radiator in just 20 minutes
  • No need to buy a whole system in one go
  • Buy it in store, take it home, install it, plug it in and you are “Up and Running”.
  • Each Electric Radiator is fully programmable, from a build in programmer, Phone or Tablet ‘App’
  • No Boilers
  • 5-Year Guarantee

Livingstone radiators are manufactured by us in Italy.  All of our products are manufactured to the highest possible standards, ensuring constant high quality and availability.

Heating Functionality

The Livingstone© Range are beautiful, slim line radiators with all of the functions you need to control your home 24/7.  Our local and wireless programmable radiators can be individually programmed.  Additional radiators (up to 50) added at a later date can be integrated into the programme too.


The Ecodesign Directive provides consistent EU-wide rules for improving the environmental performance of Electrical Central Heating Products.  The Directive sets out minimum mandatory requirements for the energy efficiency of these products.  We are proud to say that we are fully compliant with this legislation

EN 60335-1 (2015)

BS/EN 60335-1 gives general requirements to ensure the safety of electrical household appliances – providing their rated voltage is not more than 250V for single-phase and 480V for other appliances.  This Audio and Visual display is suitable for use by the Hearing and Visually Impaired.

After-Sales Support

Although the units are easy to install, we do offer customer support via our help desk.  Most queries can be answered over the telephone.livingstone electric radiators