Thermal Stone Radiators Ranges

  • livingstone creative heating design eco-friendly radiators
  • livingstone creative heating design

With Italian flair, quality, and patented heating efficiency, this unique collection
will deliver comfort, and energy efficiency to your home
through a natural aesthetically stunning designer radiator system.

EASYSTONE Electric Radiator.

The EASYSTONE range is distinguished by the linearity and simplicity of the forms, which is enhanced by the pureness of the white colour. it is available in six different sizes, with a smooth surface finish. it is also available in horizontal versions, with measurements 150×55, 110×55 and 86×55 and can be customised according to a large colour pallet, or printed to the image of your choosing, simply our best seller.

  • FROSK Livingstone electric heating
  • FROSK by Livingstone eco friendly electric heating

FROSK Electric Radiator.

This range represents reeds, that blow in the wind the material is folded and shaped under the force of nature. the vertical, slender form is perfect both in a large room, such as a dining room, living room or in smaller areas such as bathrooms.

  • Vertical white livingstone modern heating

STRIPE Electric Radiator.

The STRIPE range provides a tubular radiant surfaces has been given an original makeover with just a nod to classic shapes. The distinctive Livingstone material is elegant and graceful in any room. Six different sizes are to be found in the range including the horizontal version in 150 x 55, 110 x 55 and 86 x 55.

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  • GRANSASSO Livingstone electric modern and eco friendly heating
  • Gransasso Livingstone electric heating uk

grandassoGRANSASSO Electric Radiator.

A perfect choice in both a rustic environment or surrounded by modern furnishings. GRANSASSO gives a feeling of natural yet modern to blend comfort with nature. The livingstone® technology is enhanced by the irregular surface of the stone which emphasised through the low Roman reliefs.