Introducing LIVINGSTONE Thermal Stone Electric Radiators.

A New Revolution has arrived that gives every homeowner the chance to use a totally Carbon Zero Form of electric heating system.  LivingStone Heating is just that, made from recycled marble dust and reconstituted using a Patented agglomerating into THERMAL STONE RADIATORS that deliver RADIANT HEAT and are beautiful enough in a choice of 24 natural stone colours and textures; to be hung on the wall above the sofa, as a piece of living art.

This brand new circular economy heating system has now arrived in the UK and uses renewable energy sources – no pipes, valves, or first fixing is necessary.  Livingstone Creative Heating is a practical solution to our increasing resource issues for the planet. At the end of its life, every Livingstone product is then deconstructed into its original form, so during its total lifespan, none of these products will use any of the earth’s resources.

It is hard to believe…
That’s why it is important to show you exactly how this Heating system works, and how it can transform all your new build and refurb projects, right from the Drawing Board stage, through helping to achieving a ZERO CARBON RATING. discover the heating ranges Thermal Stone Radiators range, including Easystone, Stripe, Gransasso and Frosk, Learn more about our ECO Radiant Radiator Ranges, including Venus, EcoDry and E-Touch. 9 different Wattage Output, 20 colours.    #livingstoneheating #designerradiators

testimonial Livingstone designer radiator GRANSASSO Livingstone designer electric heating