It’s time to break free from inefficient storage heaters.

If you’re wrapping up at home, then it’s time to conquer the Livingstone Creative Heating tailor-made electric heating systems provide unrivalled cosiness, in every room. No more cold spots or no-go areas.
So stop the layering and start lounging. It’s time to break free from
storage heaters. With the Livingstone electric radiators you can wave goodbye to high bills and say hello to your affordable cosy home.

Indeed every component of our electric radiator ranges is designed primarily to maximise radiant heat production whilst minimising energy consumption, this is why we insist on integrating a smart energy consumption meter into all our advanced control systems. Indeed we are so confident of our Efficient Radiators ability to continuously reduce our customers energy consumption that we have designed the systems to provide graphically enhanced read-outs on demand on each unit, or for the entire system.

We Help you Plan your Modern Electric Central heating:
– ✔Fully compliant with the E.N. Law (2015) British Standards BS
– ✔Fully compliant comply with the New E.N. ECO DESIGN Legislation of Energy
– Related Products compliance Lot 20
– ✔Ideal for new builds, renovations and extensions
✔– Patented thermodynamic fluid
✔– Powerful Triac Energy Regulator
– Ultra-precise thermostat accurate to within 0.1°
– ✔Independent zoning on each room or Zone

Install and Programmed in 1/2 Hour Easy to install, just 4 screws, 2 brackets, and then plug into any 13 amp plug socket. Replace old inefficient storage heaters quickly and easily, Livingstone bespoke radiators are available in five sizes, with outputs from 400W to 1600W, all ranges are fully recyclable and guaranteed for 5 years, and ✔25% more efficient than bulky storage heaters.

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