Join the UK Carbon-Free Revolution Livingstone Radiant Heating.

The battle to reduce Carbon emissions and use renewable energy sources is growing, and now a brand-new kind of heating system has been launched in the UK to answer that call…

What is it?
It is a heating system that uses renewable electricity – from the grid, or from your solar panels – to heat a wall mounted piece of art!

Yes, you did read that right, the Livingstone radiators are exactly that, made from living stone, but by reusing a previously discarded waste product, and turning it into a beautiful stone panel in any of twenty-four different colours, that hangs on the wall right above the sofa, and provides you with efficient radiant heat.

NO need to take valuable wall space from your furniture, now you can have electric radiators that hang ABOVE the height of your furniture, and become pieces of art.

Printed with a famous Masterpiece

Choose your favourite Painter, you favourite ‘Old Master’ and we can print a copy of this painting onto the marble radiator, giving you a truly design focused heating system. You may like a Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa or Last Supper. Or perhaps a Vincent van Gogh, Sunflowers, or the classic Italian Raphael, or perhaps you prefer your Wedding picture… The choice is all yours.


The impact on ecology is zero. It is completely carbon-free and has a zero impact on the environment. Don’t believe us?  Take a look for yourself

Designer Radiators Made by Hand – Not Machine!

The groundbreaking manufacturing process is totally ‘energy free’. There are no machines used at all, just a revolutionary cold process with marble powder and agglomerating water. A Completely unique and original process we have now Patented.