interior design has reached a new level, guess where the Livingstone bespoke radiator is? Any image can be printed on the Radiator surface.

success at the Uk Construction Week at the NEC, visitors acclaimed Livingstone Heating ambitious project, the tailoring applied to the design and production represents the essence of pure style and glamour.

Livingstone Heating is an incredible customisable product, Any image can be printed on the Bespoke Radiator surface upon request.

This means that you can transform your radiant electric heating into a beautiful piece of art, with whatever picture you chose; combining the heating function with functional interior design. KIDS line is the Livingstone solution that will give kid’s rooms a unique touch. Playful forms, original subjects and maximum customisation, distinguish this product to make your children’s areas even more child-friendly.

Send us a picture, a painting, or a print, and with a small extra charge, you can have your own customised child-friendly radiator. Attention to the environment and sustainability are the principles on which our ENTIRE philosophy is based. This is also reflected in the materials used to customise the panels The colours are water based, fixed with biocompatible UV rays and completely free of fumes.