Livingstone bespoke stone radiators – the power behind heat control.

Save electricity, save money. That’s the promise from Livingstone creative Heating, which has launched a range of stylish bespoke electric radiators that offer great heat control.

Livingstone creative heating’s radiators react quickly when heat is called for but releases its energy in a controlled manner and evenly across the surface of the radiator, heating rooms to the desired temperature but using only the exact amount of energy required.

Each radiator works independently and can be programmed to match precise heat requirements through the day, allowing Livingstone to reduce energy use by as much as 25% depending upon the system already installed. And when used in conjunction with the whapp wireless app system, savings will be expected to exceed the 25 % quoted energy saving. 

Customers wishing to take energy control a step further can take advantage of the smart home package, which delivers total control over electric consumption, whether you’re home or away. Just take control of your house or commercial business to set temperature and monitoring costs or check faulty etc to exactly how you’d like them. All monitoring systems can be wireless or plug-in. The system offers you complete control from the palm of your hand, and thanks to the unique user-friendly graphically enhanced system, programming for each appliance is a simple and enjoyable task!

Livingstone electric radiators suitable for almost every application, from the high-end designer to private domestic, social housing and also commercial installations, for example, hotels, schools and healthcare facilities. Can be installed in one day as stand-alone (for example in domestic extensions or commercial settings such as hotels or offices) or as a complete system, with each one being individually controllable. This control is delivered in one of three ways: 

  • A lockable LCD thermostat/ seven-day timer

  • Digital electronic regulation with a six-mode pilot wire that is accurate to 1/10th of a degree.

  • The wireless programmer, allowing up to 25 heating zones to be remotely and individually controlled and programmed from anywhere in the building.

bespoke electric radiators

Livingstone electric radiators are available in a choice of designs and sizes, make perfect replacements for storage heaters and are quick and easy to install, with no pipes or wires.