Does Livingstone creative heating just supply the designer radiators?

Based on customer demand, we mainly sell systems on a supply only basis. However, we do have approved installers in many areas of the UK who, if required, will quote separately for installation and undertake the electric central heating work.

Does the company appoint an installer or is it down to us to find an electrician?

As above, however, if you already know an electrician who proved reliable and who’s costs are reasonable, it might be best to use him. In which case, we will provide that electrician with any instructions and guidance he might need.

Where are they manufactured?

Our products are manufactured in Italy using HIGH QUALITY European components. Please be aware that there are a few companies out there claiming that their cheaper electric heaters compared with ours are manufactured in Europe using European components, whereas in fact they are products constructed using Chinese manufactured bodies and components. When we see such companies selling at prices that are clearly lower than one would expect to pay for a good quality product, we always purchase one of their radiators and have our development and research centre in Italy do tests and take it apart to check all the components.

The Warranty is 5 years on the body and 2 years on the electronics.

Can I measure the electric radiators consumption?

Livingstone radiators can be controlled wirelessly – this means you can check/change/program the temperature for individual rooms from your Build in 7 days Programmer or with our WHAPP wireless system enables the user to wirelessly program, monitor, manage actual running costs and electricity consumption.

And finally – it has been suggested to us that these new rads are just storage heaters with remote controls and the air is dry with them!

By no means are our systems ‘just storage heaters with remote controls and the air is dry with them’. In fact, the majority of our business is replacing storage heating systems due to their well known drawbacks such as, producing dry air, being bulky and unattractive, producing warmth in the morning and afternoon but fizzling out from the early evening, lack of control/programming, and, having to predict the next day’s weather, otherwise, albeit storing energy on a cheap rate overnight, that could be wasted if lesser or no heating is necessary the next day.

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