Electric Heating Eco-Design.

SUSTAINABILITY is the purpose and meaning of the Livingstone Heating range: Our Heating Products must fulfill their required purpose in the most energy efficient manner, and are produced through a carbon neutral process,  always respecting the environment, and drawing on a circular economy to maximise the potential of every element that goes into our heater. We believe in positive consideration of our impact on our, and our children’s planet.

Eco Technology

Livingstone heating products are forged from 100% recycled materials, and produced using an environmentally friendly ‘cold technology’. These products are a combination of both form and function, delivering a revolutionary creation, sustainable and efficient bespoke functional ART. The product is further made to the highest standards and all our Radiators come with a 5 years guarantee.

Life Cycle Thinking

Pure INNOVATION designed to fulfil the principles of a CIRCULAR ECONOMY: maintaining products, components & materials at their highest utility and value at all times, distinguishing between technical and biological cycles.

Eco Heat Control

The whole structure of the heater uses revolutionary technology to deliver RADIANT HEAT. The patented agglomerate used to create each electric radiator has been developed specifically to maximise heat transference and retention properties. The heat itself is regulated through a highly responsive sensor that controls the precise unit temperature and ensures distribution is universally spread across the entire heater surface area. Each element is designed and associated to guarantee the ideal technical conditions for the production and distribution of efficient and effective radiant heating.


Traditional radiators transfer heat to the environment by circulating the air from lower areas to upper areas of the room. This phenomenon is known as convection. Unfortunately convection also causes the circulation of dust, which transports mould, bacteria or dust mites, promoting the onset of allergies in sensitive individuals. Livingstone® uses radiation to transfer heat directly from the surface of the radiator without convection, making it the ideal ally  against allergies. Furthermore radiant heat delivers warmth and comfort directly, just like the sun . The temperature is uniform across the entire radiator surface and is transferred directly to the room. An even, uniform  temperature in the room and a sensation of well-being: this is Livingstone®’s Heating Products secret.