These days, nothing is exactly what it seems… Fridges and Dishwashers are disguised as kitchen cupboard doors, children’s beds are disguised as fairy castles and racing cars and electric radiators are disguised as works of art!

Yes, beautiful paintings and artistic stone wall art hanging above the sofa is now an electric radiator, Bespoke Designer Radiators. Copies of paintings or photographs can be printed on the surface of each marble panel, in a choice of sizes.

With 24 different colours and various textured finishes, the humble radiator is now a stunningly beautiful artifact made from 100% marble that will totally transform everything you think about the ugly metal radiators that take up central wall space in your homes.

Interior Design has reached a new level, and exclusive penthouses, Hotels, Board Rooms, converted barns and eco-friendly new-builds are being transformed by this brand.
New LivingStone range of electric heating products.

The recycled marble dust is totally carbon free, made by a ‘cold technology’ and hand crafted into these unbelievably beautiful works of art. They deliver a radiant heat that will warm people and not just the air much more efficiently than any convector heating system.By using Livingstone Electric Heating with your solar panels as well as the national grid system, giving you a fully renewable source of heating, with a zero carbon footprint. All the technical details are right here: http://

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