Livingstone is based on SUSTAINABILITY: “Electric Heating Products that fulfil their required purpose efficiently, while respecting and sustaining the environment, and with positive consideration, for its future impact on your children’s generations.

Something is changing.
Livingstone is exploring new kind of form and function. Developed using a revolutionary and environmentally friendly ‘cold technology’, both form and function combine to create a new kind of functional ART.

Designed to a shape and size that fulfills your exact heating requirements, with a choice of natural stone finish and 24 beautiful colours.

Livingstone is pure INNOVATION: the application of a better solution to meet new requirements designed to fulfil every principle of a CIRCULAR ECONOMY:

Form and function that is beautiful to look at, interesting to touch, and comfortable to enjoy, as it creates warmth and wellbeing your surroundings.

All you need is a Livingstone electric radiator installed in your home-office room, that you switch on, and set to your preferred comfort temperature.

It will switch itself on and off all day and keep the room exactly to the degree you choose, without having to put the central heating boiler on at all. In the evening, when your whole house heating system starts up, it will just switch itself off, and stay off, while the room is at the temperature you need.

The only thing left to change, is your imagination… 

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