Keeping Up with the Jones’s

With so many online feedback forums for your Customers to leave statements about their opinions of your Hotel, Restaurant, Gastro Pub and Bar, it is almost a full time job keeping up with what Mr and Mrs Jones thought of your hospitality venue. Any customer saying that they were too cold, or too warm can have a terrifying effect on bookings, but with so many rooms is therew a way of pleasing everyone individually?

Give Mr & Mrs Jones a WOW! Factor
For every customer to have total control over the temperature in each room completely separately, and switch each electric radiator on and off has slowly become the new ‘normal’ in hospitality venues.

Livingstone invented new electric designer radiators with individual temperature controls and timers and the creation of their well-known Thermodynamic Fluid Wireless Collection of Italian style designer Electric Radiators. But now the jones family wants even more, before they will give you those 5 stars on their feedback forums.

Interior Design is Vital

Now it is the interior design of the rooms that can have that WOW factor for the Jones’ and the brand new range of LivingStone Heating has the answer.
This brand new range of electric radiators are totally ECO Friendly, and made from Marble agglomerated into beautiful natural stone pieces of Art, in 24 different colours.

If you have a stylish Bar or trendy Gastro Pub, the designer radiators come in a range of colours and styles, from passionate red to dramatic ebony black, with beautiful greens, browns and bright yellow or orange colours that will add drama and style to your rooms.

The Painting on the wall is a Radiator!

Hang them above the bed, or on the wall as a set of pictures. In fact, you can have any famous painting or Old Master printed onto the front of it, matching and coordinating with every style of Hospitality venue. Country Pubs can have pictures of The Haywain by Constable, or Van Goughs Sunflowers, and an historic Hotel can have portraits of Kings and Queens, and replicas of the famous battle paintings and landscapes.

How Much and How Long?

You may be wondering how this could be affordable, but with no masonry work involved, no floors up, no water pipes and no loss of opening times, it can be done in half a day. Each Livingstone electric radiator just plugs into a normal socket, no fuss, no bother.  It will also save you a large cost on your heating bills, as you only need to heat the places where your customers are, and not every room. With each radiator having its own 7-day programmer, thermostatically controlled, if customers arrive, switch on, if they don’t, leave it off!

Stay in Control!

We also have an automation app, so you can control every radiator in your Hotel, Pub, and external room extensions, from your smart phone or iPad, without leaving the Bar! We can advise on all your heating requirements for large dining rooms and event rooms to individual guest bedrooms, giving you practical and honest advice. We also provide a free specifying service, where our experienced Heating Assessors will look at your projects and provide a total specification for you. Livingstone Bespoke electric eco heating