Why is LivingStone Different? 

You may wonder how the Livingstone electric radiators are different because at first glance, every electric radiator plugs into the electric circuit and gets hot. But what happens after that is VERY different. It is like comparing a Formula One racing car to a small family car – they both have an engine and take people from A to B, but they are both completely different. 

Here is an easy guide to the differences: 

Patented technology
Behind every warmstone radiator is a brand new technology that has its own Patent and has been designed by two electronics engineers with over 21 years’ experience in the electric heating industry

Livingstone radiators were designed like Formula 1 Racing cars: to reduce the amount of energy needed to use them, to have zero impact on the environment, and to be such a high quality, that they will outperform ANY of its rivals. This has been achieved through extensive research and experimentation in development laboratories where this totally new concept was brought to life.

Unparalleled Heat Control HIW
The whole structure of the product uses revolutionary technology to deliver RADIANT HEAT. The agglomerate used to create each radiator is a highly responsive sensor that controls the precise temperature of heat which is distributed universally across the total surface area. It also guarantees the ideal technical conditions for producing an efficient and effective radiant heat.

How Radiant Heat Works HIW
With normal radiators you need to sit within 2 metres of them, to feel the heat. The further away you are, the less warm you will feel. This is because CONVECTION heat works by sucking in cool air under the raadiator, heating it up and then forcing out the warmed up air at the top, which then rises to the ceiling, cools down, and then falls again, to be re-heated. 

By comparison, the sun which is 93 million miles away, can warm you up lying on a beach by using a completely different method. It uses radiant heat, which is transported via WAVES to warm up objects – including people – without needing to heat up all the oxygen around them. Radiant heat waves travel THROUGH the oxygen and air, to reach things and directly warm instead of dissipating its heat by warming up the air around them. 

Livingstone® Heating uses exactly this method which is known as radiant heat. The temperature is uniform across the entire radiator surface and is then transferred directly to the room via heat waves, just like the sun. So it doesn’t matter if you are next to the radiator, or across the room; you will still feel the heat just the same.

The physical process of radiant heat waves means heat will efficiently and effectively be transferred in every direction of the room, heating your body directly, and not just the air around it. This gives you a uniform temperature in the room and a sensation of comfortable well-being, rather like lying under the sun on the beach; and this is the Livingstone Heating secret… Less CO2 emissions, fully Recyclable materials, radiant heat

.livingstone heating build with Recyclable materials