Heating every room is an inefficient use of energy

This is exactly the same as running all the hot taps to fill the kettle, or switching on every light in the house while you watch TV. But the biggest problem that cannot be solved, is turning off radiators in a gas pipe water filled system, will not reduce the amount of energy used by the 3kw boiler to heat just one radiator. It is either on or off.

Luckily, Livingstone Heating electric radiators are not the same. They have an inbuilt thermostatic programmable control on each electric radiator. That means that you can switch them on and off separately, or in relays, half an hour before you think you will want to use each room, and with each radiator using between 300w- 600w, this will make a massive difference to the total amount of energy you use.

Heat up the bedrooms just before bedtime and keep the sitting room cosy and warm while you watch TV. You are now using ‘Heating Zones’

The Right Heat, When You Need It – Not When You Don’t

This means you will be more comfortable in each room, your use of energy will be reduced which means a lower energy bill – just from a simple method of dividing your home or business premises, into sensible zones that fulfil the needs of each specific family or employees.

A very simple method is to separate the heating from hot water, you may not need hot water all evening while you watch TV before bed, so this will give two very easy zones.

In a larger property where every room may not be in use at the same time, you can have several heating zones and several hot water zones.

cost affordable way to heat

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