Our Vision

  •   Livingstone is based on SUSTAINABILITY

Bespoke vertical Electric Radiators Something is changing.

Livingstone is exploring new kind of form and function. Developed using a revolutionary and environmentally friendly ‘cold technology’, both form and function combine to create a new kind of functional ART.

Livingstone heating uk designer bespoke radiatorsBuilt for You

Designed to a shape and size that fulfils your exact heating requirements, with a choice of natural stone finish and 24 beautiful colours.

Easystone electric designer radiators rangeLivingstone is pure INNOVATION

Livingstone is pure INNOVATION: the application of a better solution to meet new requirements designed to fulfil every principle of a CIRCULAR ECONOMY.


Form and function that is beautiful to look at, interesting to touch, and comfortable to enjoy, as it creates warmth and wellbeing your surroundings.

Livingstone bespoke Electric Radiators designed to a shape and size that fulfils your exact requirements, with a choice of natural stone finish.

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Customer Testimonials

We are passionate and our customers love the work we do.

we asked Livingstone Heating to create art on our blank walls, and they did. we choose from our favourite image and our interiors in 5 hours was transformed into works of art.

livingstone creative electric heating design | bespoke electric radiators

livingstone creative heating

James P. - Themeforest Customer

the trained engineer arrived just in time and replaced my old inefficient storage heating with the white easystone 1000w. Also very knowledgeable on the commissioning and programming of the thermostat. very happy  with the service.

Livingstone designer Electric Radiators install

John A. - Themeforest Customer

I used Sergio from powerserg installations, he has done all the electrics in my new home I had the bungalow rewired electric storage heaters took out Livingstone creative heating put in. Sergio PowerSerg Installations | Authorised Qualified Trained Installer in Swadlincote Darbyshire,

Livingstone bespoke electric radiators, electric heating system installation

Sergio PowerSerg Installations - Themeforest Customer