Build in Thermostat, Wireless Controls & Smart Home Automation.

The biggest expense for UK households is certainly the rising cost of energy, and most of this is used during the colder months for keeping warm. But do you need to heat the whole house if you are only using one or two rooms at any time?LivingStone zoning  Allows you to programme completely separate time and temperature control routines for not just the living and sleeping areas, but independently for every room in the home. Granny’s room can stay warmer, while the spare room can be switched off completely. This kind of independent zoning gives every occupant their own specific level of comfort and gives them total control of changing it, without needing to rely on one boiler being on or off at the time.
3 efficient way to do it:

Build in Digital LCD thermostat programmer:

Every Livingstone radiators has a digital build in 7 day LCD programmer/timer enabling scheduled times and accurate temperatures to be set for each day over a 7 day period. The thermostat work within a 0.1 degree accuracy and blue back light.

Wireless Multi Zones Programmer:

The majority of Our business comes from customers looking to replace outdated storage heating systems because  of their well-known distinct lack of control and programming ability and having to try and predict the next day’s weather is a nightmare even for the professionals!

Our Multi Zones Eco Programmer create energy-efficient heating zones easily and cost-effectively, by wirelessly transmitting the desired time/temperature settings directly to individual Livingstone radiators.The zoning options allow grouping by rooms or floors with ease, use the built-in heating plans to create a comfortable environment.

Smart Home Automation made Simple.

Pure innovation in Affordable Home automation, This innovative wireless technology works through the linking of Livingstone radiators to an app which can be used on any smart phones and tablets. This is worthwhile for customers as it allows the customers to alter which rooms are heated and which are not at any time of the day. Wireless control for centralising and programming: heating, alarm, lighting, gates, shutters and other control systems.

wireless heating control