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The idea of using stone to create a heating element is by no means new, nor is using the inertia of walls constructed of massive masonry. Where Livingstone Electric Radiators have innovated is in the principle of heat accumulation by masses being updated via the introduction of temperature sensors inside the conglomerate forming the panels. This allows for optimum radiation. Unlike convection, the transmission of heat by radiation is healthier as it does not cause dust to circulate on the heated air that is present in domestic and public spaces.


Usually, electric radiators and heaters with special aesthetic properties that fall outside standard productions are traditionally classified as decorative heating elements. Whether plates or series of tubular elements, their function is clearly recognisable (save for rare recent examples) even when their difference from traditional radiators is given by attractive designer flair or originality of form.

Alternatively, as occurs with airconditioning units, they may be installed and then concealed with additional elements.

The design of Livingstone panels does not seek a peculiar, original form through designer-made specialties. With a hidden control system, the radiators are conceived as simple surfaces, pure geometric planes in varying sizes, whose appeal to the eye disguises their true purpose and capabilities to serve as the sole heat source within the allocated space.

Only a sustainable philosophy will ensure the future for our generations. These are the values in which we believe, and which we implement into our products every day.