Save Energy with Eco Friendly Electric Heating 

Whether you have an existing gas boiler or storage heaters, the Governments direction is clear, energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and renewable energy sources are the way to go.

Here are 3 ways that replacing your current system with Livingstone Radiators will fulfil all these requirements AND give you up to 30% reduction in your current fuel bills, with no annual maintenance or servicing costs – EVER!

  1. Reduction in energy consumption:
    the patented core radiant mat element inside each radiator drastically reduces energy consumption. It heats up twice as fast as other brand radiators, and the aluminium radiators mean that heat is transferred directly into the air, without losing any of its heat in the process. Unlike Gas heating systems, where much of the heat is lost in the labyrinth of water pipes under your floors, needlessly heating uninhabitable spaces.

  2. Reducing Carbon Footprint:

    With no more flue gasses pumping out into the street, you will be making a major stand in reducing the air pollution in your neighbourhood and of course, removing all risks of carbon Monoxide poisoning for your family.

  3. Renewable Energy source:

    Livingstone electric radiators can be integrated with solar and photovoltaic panels, allowing you to make maximum use of renewable energy sources. Power your own heating system and recover the costs of your solar panel installation, even faster.

  4. Smartphone App Controls:
    Control all your Livingstone bespoke radiators  with our ‘App’ and turn the heating on while you are on the train home. Turn the lights on and off while you are on holiday too, and no one will know you are not there.