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livingstone electric heating bathroom picture
Livingstone electric radiators with Green credentials
March 10, 2017

electric radiators with Green credentials The field of application for recycled materials in the building sector is becoming increasingly broad, this is…

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customisable Designer Electric Radiators, natural radiant heating
Livingstone Heating a Real Sustainable Philosophy
February 17, 2017

designer radiators | electric radiators | Bespoke Designer Radiators The idea of using stone to create a heating element is by no means new,…

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livingstone electric heating, it's white with a modern black design flowers.
Looking for GOOD ACCREDITED & EXPERIENCED Contractors in major Towns & Cities
January 5, 2017

As a qualified and accredited Electrical Contractor, your role in the local community for homeowners and businesses is vital for the…

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livingstone creative electric heating design | bespoke electric radiators
Uk Construction Week, Guess where the Livingstone bespoke electric radiator is?
October 30, 2016

interior design has reached a new level, guess where the Livingstone bespoke radiator is? Any image can be printed on the…

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What can we do for Architects, Builders and Specifiers?
August 4, 2016

What can we do for Architects and Specifiers? We have a range of designer radiators that are so advanced that they…

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FROSK Livingstone electric heating
As energy costs rise, is it still possible to save money on heating and go green?
June 18, 2016

Quite simply, yes! Old electric storage or panel heaters can be wildly inefficient, not only using far more power than an…

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efficient electric heating installation in london home
Blazing a Carbon Zero Pathway with a New Radiant Heating
June 11, 2016

Blazing a Carbon Zero Pathway with a New Revolution Radiant Heating Just when you thought that electric central heating had completed its…

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Wireless touch control screen for electric heating, alarm, lighting, shutters and other control systems.
Programming your electric heating system, Heating every room is an inefficient use of energy.
May 9, 2016

Build in Thermostat, Wireless Controls & Smart Home Automation. The biggest expense for UK households is certainly the rising cost of…

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