Did you know you could save around £250 a year by introducing energy efficient measures into the home?

Households could save around £250 a year by introducing energy efficient measures into the home.  One of these savings providers that people often overlook is in their electric central heating system, even though heating accounts for about 60% of our annual energy bills.  Huge improvements in electric central heating and renewable energy technology, now means that smart electric radiators are one of the most efficient ways to heat your home.  Here are our top five big savers:

  • Switch it off:

    Leaving all your appliances on standby – or keeping them on when not using them – costs UK households around £30 a year on average, according to the Energy Saving Trust.

  • Get energy Saving Light bulbs:

Lighting your home accounts for 18% of the average person’s electricity bill so it’s easy to see how savings can add up. Save up to £7 per lightbulb per year.

  • Insulate

Get some some draught-proofing products for doors and windows, seal your skirting boards with silicone sealant, and fit a chimney draught excluder or sealed fire guards.  This can save between £25 to £35 a year.  Topping up existing insulation from 120mm to 270mm can save around £15 a year.

  • Make your own electricity with Solar (PV) Panels

Solar Panels can still save lots of money on your energy costs, as the panels have got so much cheaper.  A typical 4kWP panel could generate and save you £755 per year. The Energy Saving Trust recommends getting several quotes before going ahead, but really believes PV (photovoltaic) is the future.

  • Get an efficient and effective heating system

We spend over 60% of our energy bills each year on heating our homes, but not always us. Currently most homes have absolutely no accurate control of the temperature of the rooms, and as a result are burning energy that is simply not needed.  This also costs money, and is very damaging to the environment.

The average cost to heat a home in the UK has soared to over £700 a year. For those with Oil, LPG or Storage Heaters, that cost is well over £1000 a year.   We simply heat houses or rooms we are not in most of the time when we don’t need it.  While technology in other energy consumers in the house has improved dramatically over the last 30 years, our heating systems have not.  Livingstone Heating have been pioneering improvements. Their electric central heating systems can save users up to 35% each year (a whopping £350) on top of the other savings to be made.

Electric heating is the present and the future.  #SmartHeating #replace #StorageHeaters