What is the Circular Economy for Livingstone Heating?

The Livingstone range of electric radiators has been designed as a ‘circular economy’ range of products, with a zero impact on the environment, zero carbon usage and zero waste products, but what does this mean for the future of the planet, and how does it work?

No earth resources are used
Reserves of metals and minerals available on the planet are constantly diminishing, and the costs of finding and extracting them are constantly rising, as it becomes more difficult and more expensive to do.  The normal linear economy where manufacturing processes create huge amounts of waste products for every finished article leaving the factory, is seriously unsustainable for our long term future.

The Circular Economy
Is a practical solution to our increasing resource issues for the planet, and every Livingstone product is made from an existing ‘waste product’ which is recycled into a useable product, but it does not stop there… At the end of its life, every Livingstone product is then deconstructed into its original form, so during its total lifespan, none of these products will have used up any of the earth’s resources. Not a single one!

No more throw away lifestyle
Make, use and throw away’, is just using up our valuable earth resources without putting anything back, but the Livingstone products do not use ANY new metals or minerals during their manufacture. It is all made from a waste product that occurs from cutting marble. The marble dust has previously had no other productive use – until we created this amazing and revolutionary process to reconstitute it into a natural stone electric radiator with an esoteric and productive purpose.

Cold Technology
The second major difference in the Livingstone products, is that they are all created using ‘cold technology’ No machines and no fuel energy is used to create them, everything is done by a hand in a ‘cold’ process using a patented agglomerating water to reconstitute the marble dust into artistic and imaginative products that provide warmth to families, as well as being beautiful to look at and adding an esoteric interior design into every home.

They use renewable energy to run and are entirely recyclable when you want to buy something new. Take a look for yourself, and do the planet a big favour…

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